Specialist in metal products

About Vimabo

If it is made of metal, Vimabo can produce it. Vimabo is an all-round metal company with the people, the expertise, the raw materials and the machines to fabricate your metal product, whatever it is. We supply metal products for the building sector, horticulture and industry. At our plant in the EUREGIO we manufacture products for prominent clientsthroughout the Netherlands and across the border.

Product development and metalworking

You provide the design and Vimabo will deliver the product. When it comes to metalworking, we have everything you need. And if you don’t have a design? We can advise you and take your idea to design and develop a product, which we can then produce in a single unit or in batches.

Fast and extremely flexible

You need a prototype the same day? That’s no problem for Vimabo. Our ability to adapt quickly and flexibly to your needs and wishes is what sets us apart. As you will see from our rapid delivery times. But equally important is the pride we take in everything we produce. We don’t cut corners on quality.

trademark Everything under one roof
trademark Craftsmanship
trademarkA single unit or mass production
trademark Very short delivery deadlines
trademark Flexibility

Need advice or a design?

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